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Diving Verde Island

The Verde Island Passage dividing Luzon and Mindoro is among the top diving destinations in the country. And rightfully so. In the right diving conditions, Verde Island is a place of beauty.

A few years back two consecutive strong typhoons (cyclones to you on the other side of the planet) almost decimated this area entirely it was heartbreaking. I was told that it has made a full recovery these days  so when a couple of friends and I took a few days off for diving we decided to check it out. Boy we were in for a treat!

like my colour?

it’s crowded in here
why the grumpy faces?
the awkward staring contest

i’m right here

such a beautiful garden

I can say is that in my years of diving this had gotta be one of the highlights. Verde Island never disappoints. The weather was perfect, the visibility was superb. Sure there is that issue with strong currents (a few days before our dive, someone died in the same spot due to panic set on by the strong currents). It’s not for the faint hearted but it was all worth it.