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Labour Day, Summer Heat and Media Overdrive

If there is another good reason to stay away from TV it would be the so-called weather newscasters or forecasters or whatever you call them.

“Today is going to be very hot.” Duh. “Tomorrow’s forecast is going to be even hotter!” How revolutionary!

What are they trying to achieve exactly? Listen, it IS summer. It should be hot. And several days could be hotter than the rest. Anyone who lived on this planet would know this by now no?

Uh Huh!

Now that I got that off my chest, I must say waking up on a Tuesday not having to go to work is awesome. I briefly got up to turn off the aircon and opened the windows. Then went back to bed.

Just laying there listening to the sounds from outside is golden. Somewhere a hammer is going, bong, bong, bong. Must be one of those tall residential buildings going up everywhere. Children shrieking… must be a swimming party on the apartment across. Cars passing. The scent of something being fried is drifting into the room. Breakfast! Guess that’s my cue to wake up. Well it’s 10AM anyway.

With life on the fast lane most days of the week sometimes you even forget to breathe. Just watching the day unfold is always a welcome treat.

Now if only the ice cream would come up on itself from the store…

My plans for the day: