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Wish You Were Here

To this day, I still get excited receiving postcards. I’ve collected postcards off and on since I can remember and sent tons to many people all over the world. As I moved from place to place, I lost some and gained new ones.

Most of it inspired me to travel and visit these amazing places. Oh the experiences!

Some made me giddy. Boyfriends at that time. Nothing like a silly (or raunchy) message coming from the love of your life to get your heart beating faster.

Some made me laugh. Friends do that. Or they rub it to your face that they are somewhere fabulous and you’re not. Yeah, friends do that too. A lot. What do you think  wish you were here meant anyway? The bastards.

Some of my favourite ones that I kept through the years:

winter in Finland- what makes this special is that the photo was taken by the sender herself, a 15-yr old budding photographer
Mt Pyrenees, France
what’s not to like about this?

nothing like johnny Walker to motivate you

an old boyfriend thought it would be hilarious to send this from Russia