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When life gets a bit hectic, the universe has ways of remindng you to take a bit of a breather. In my case, it was a friend who kidnapped me from my recent state of affairs and took me surfing.

Before I know it, we were on a bus to Baler in Aurora Province, northeast from the dirty shitteh. Because it was not a holiday or a mass-travel period, we arrived at a relatively abandoned beach save for a few surf instructors hoping to score some surfing lessons. Unfortunately (for them) at that time the instructors outnumbered the students.

This was the sight that welcomed us.

It didn’t take long for us to keep ourselves occupied. Oh I gotta tell you we were very busy. In between hitting the waves and getting some pretty rolls, we managed to had a really good time.

We even got to roller blade in this very convenient platform.

There was no shortage of wandering around as well.

Of course chatting with the locals is always a given.

dude, this is how we roll over here..

I’m also happy to say that locals here were enjoying the scenery as much as the tourists. A nice change from other touristy places where the visitors get to enjoy more while the locals watch from a distance.

And surfers come in all sizes I might add.

this is what big brothers are for
Breaking for lunch!

And in case you are wondering about hydration, please… Of course there was hydration. A lot of it I might add!

Wait, there’s more!

And more!

After all…

Need I say more?