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Summer Sunsets

I am still in love with sunsets. And there has never been a good time to get the best ones but right now – hot and stinky summer. But yeah, I can’t complain. I get a lot of play time on the beach and this, baby!

Let me tell you a secret. The best part of the sunset is not when it is going down. Sure it’s pretty and awesome too. But what truly takes my breath away is when the colours explode into the sky right after the sun went down. Unfortunately this is also the time I put the camera down and just appreciate the moment.

I could see myself doing this as  habit in my golden years (if I make it that far given my penchant for alcohol). I would call it the sunset habit. Grab a drink, grab a seat, grab your love one/s and enjoy the show.

Now when was the last time you saw a spectacular sunset?