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The Road Trip

So I was part of the massive horde of people in this country getting out of the city and taking refuge somewhere for the Easter holiday break. Preferably somewhere not polluted – with air, noise, garbage, you name it. Detoxify from the city jungle so to speak.

I’m usually an ocean person but every now and then I go up to Northern Luzon to visit my folks and just be surrounded by greenery, fresh air and well, colder temperature. Oh yeah and doing nothing.

Since me and my housemate live in nearby towns, we decided to drive ourselves to the mountains (taking the bus is the token transport). We took off early in the morning to beat the others who might have the same idea of leaving before Holy Thursday. We were rewarded by a clear road and an already hot morning sun.

nice way to start the day
still doing good
truck ride

One thing good about being the passenger and not the driver is you can be able to admire the views at length, point at something funny and shudder from something gory. I mentioned gore because we managed to pass a group of people in a procession doing the self flagellation thing, beating up their backs with real whip. Non stop. In some parts of the Philippines, the reenactment of the trial all the way to the crucifixion of Jesus during Holy Week is a big deal. As in people beat their backs with a whip and the bravest get themselves nailed on a cross. But since we already passed these areas that does this I wasn’t prepared to see it happening further beyond. Too unprepared I completely missed the shot.

Missed it! Yep someone was carrying the wooden cross too.

Oh well, I guessed I saved you from your meal coming back up. Trust me I witnessed this first hand a few years ago and I still feel traumatized by it. The procession came too close to me some of the blood (and probably skin) splattered on my shirt. Yuck. And the smell!! Gross. When the time came for the crucifixion scene  I was feeling faint. And I am not the fainting type.

Back to the road trip! Well, to be honest when we were not stopping by to rest or to buy some snacks I was dozing off (again it’s great to be a passenger). Or trying to get as much sun as I can. By the time we reached my mate’s town, I was too late to catch a ride to my final destination. I decided to spend the night with them. Overall we were on the road for almost 12 hours.

still on the move
catching the last bits of the sun

I’ll talk about my time in the mountains  more on the next post.