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I’d Rather Be Flying

I am supposed to be flying to my favorite island playground for the weekend. The plan was to join my friends (one of them is having a big birthday shindig) and go sailing, have a BBQ picnic, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, watch the sunset, some music and dancing at our favorite bar and more dancing the night away to some house music until closing time (usually the following sunrise). Good plans!

BUT stuff happens and sometime in life, things don’t go well. Now the plans are cancelled. Oh well, there is always the the next weekend!

So… in the spirit of not being on a plane today  I’m sharing a few of some stunning photos taken while in flight.

  • Flying thru the Himalayan mountains. I can still remember the rugged beauty in the dead of winter. Also trying not to think of what might happen should our plane suddenly start crashing!
  • I was flying to a morning meeting so I had to fly very early. Caught the sunrise on my window.
  • I love watching a plane floating on cloud. There is such a mystique to it I can’t explain
  • I was crossing continents and watching out from my window as the time changes. Sunsets right after passing thru mid day zone was weird.
  • Flying through Macao you get to see the bridge illuminated by light at night