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My Complaints About Summer

The heat is unbearable!!

Really, it is way too hot.

You’re sweating and sticky all the time!

Did I mention the threat of a heat stroke?

All you want to do is hide from the sun, stay indoors and enjoy the air-conditioning. Yeah, I’d rather watch television. Who knew watching a bunch of dysfunctional, self involved people playing their ‘real’ lives for everyone to see can be so educational?

Speaking of heat, you also need a lot of hydration. Lots and lots of them.

However, hydrating seems to result into a hangovers. Whoa… I thought those were mango shakes I swear!

In order to recover from hangovers, you need more uhh… cold drinks.


Where’s the breeze when you need them?

Then before you know it, the day is almost over and you haven’t done anything much.

Yep, screw summer.