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Eat, Drink, Travel, Say Thank You


It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.  Eckhart Tolle


I travel a lot for work and as part of my lifestyle. There are things that I pick from my meanderings that always gives me  a new sense of wonder, encouragement that the human race is not totally hopeless or simply in awe of beauty that I see, smell, taste and feel. Having said that I also deal with everyday living.

Everyday life means dealing with people from all walks of life – including  those who live on their own bubbles, those that feel the world is against them and those who prefer to stay in the box that society painted for them.

Lately, some people close to me, have been the source of toxic energy. And this makes me sad. Worst, that energy can also rub off on you. Now comes the arguments, the resentment and needing to walk away from them. During these times, I try to re-focus my energy into the positive. Like being grateful for the many things that are good.

I was looking at a sunset photo from  recent trip I took and I was like, hmm… it is not as pretty as my usual collection. But looking at it again, I remember the moment. I just finished a not-so-good surf session. I was tired, bruised and feeling defeated. But I feel grateful that I did not injure myself. That I am with my love one in a beautiful beach on a beautiful country. That there was a very cold beer waiting for me as the sun started setting. I am lucky. And I am grateful.

So now during these days that negative energy seem to be everywhere I remind myself that despite it, I have so many grateful things in my life. Tomorrow is another day.

A different day, a different place, a different perspective