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They Call Them Supertrees

That’s exactly what they are called.

If you find yourself looking at some massive tree-like, Avatar-ish architectural structure in the middle of a buzzling city, you probably landed in Singapore.

So Singapore, is one of those places where they like to build stuff to draw out the tourist. Because let’s face it, compared to their neighbours that have various attractions like cities built from centuries ago, amazing natural wonders, exotic religious/cultural practices and whatnot they got nothing much to offer. Sooo…. yeah they decided to have some garden of another kind.

At some point in the evening, these ‘trees’ become part of some light and sound show but  it’s nothing to write home about. However, one has a nice restaurant at the top. A friend and I decided to check it out.

a blue tree, yay!

Of course who else but us will take notice of this:

 Naturally, our sense of generosity kicked into action.

We made sure to have several of them just to  make sure our contributions are significant.

Our view while doing our best to contribute for a good cause:

Marina Bay Sands

I’m not usually a fan of these made-for-tourist attractions but I would have to say this wasn’t so bad. Not bad at all.