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I think I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post that I always look forward to October when I am on the tropics. This is that time of the year when the typhoon season is at its tail-end and the rains are getting fewer. Skies are clear and the sun and moon gets fuller and bigger. Sadly, the climate change is changing weather patterns so there is no guarantee of this always happening. Remember Haiyan last year? The good news is that some really nasty typhoons this year decided not to come through the Philippine area of responsibility so let’s count our blessing and be grateful.

Now if there is one thing that will never change regardless are the beautiful sunsets. Give us a clear view and we can always see it setting over the horizon. It is just the middle of October and in between heavy rains and beautiful weather, we’ve been blessed with gorgeous sunsets.

Why I love them so much? It is nature. It is free. It is one of those beautiful gifts the universe has given for all of us to enjoy. Also, we have been blessed with gorgeous beaches that makes it almost a religion when you live on the island to do sunset watching. Preferably with a cold beverage in hand.


The perks of living on a tourist island? You get to do sunset sailing. And yes, that cooler is full of the aforementioned cold beverage.

Here we go…

It’s always been a favourite past time of mine to watch children use the beach as their big playground. I’m no parent but it seems like this is the best way to raise kids – big spaces, no TV, nature, water, physical activities. Sure they are oblivious to the beautiful sunsets but I am pretty sure when they grow up they will remember this with fondness. And when they eventually end up in different parts of the world they will start missing it. Just like me.


Oh hey look, we do get up on daylight!

Only to reconvene for more sunset watching.

Then the real day begins…