Beach Please!

Since March it has been heating up in the Philippines. Yeah, I know this will piss off a lot of people in the Northern hemisphere who has yet to enjoy spring or see the end of winter. So given that it is hot, the seas are flat and calm and well, it’s hot, we therefore go to the beach. Yes? Absolutely!

I started my 2018 at the beach so naturally this is a recurring theme for the year. So here are a few photos of the nice beaches I’ve been to in the last four months. Enjoy!

When you’re problem is where to re-fill your mango shake.


Taking a break from the ocean and playing in the river. Then back to the ocean.

My island home. It will never be the same again after the closure/rehabilitation/possible destruction.


A beautiful day for diving

Early risers get to have the fun!


And of course, what will it be without the comic relief…


Summer. It’s more fun in the Philippines!