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My Thighs Are On Fire!

Today was my first session with my massage lady. I don’t want to call her a therapist because I actually don’t know what qualifies you to be one. However I am super confident that this lady through lots of self learning and experimenting has reached a level of expertise on how to deal with a woman’s body. Also she claims that her practice is a continuous work in progress and rightfully so. Our body changes as we age.  Also while Hollywood continue to promote skinny people as the standard of beauty, in reality we all come in shapes and sizes. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when dealing with fitness and health.

Just to put things in context, as I got older, it becomes a struggle for me to lose that extra pound. Some get the lucky genes – continue to look young or staying slim despite eating a meal for three. Some don’t. I belong to the latter group. And hormonal imbalance is a bitch! Yay for being a woman. My metabolism is literally going down to zero. I am quite active but no matter how hard I work at it, I can’t burn a goddamn calorie. But when I let go a little, my body will happily take any expansion it can get in the wrong places.

So I am at the point right now where I need to achieve 4 things:

  1. Jump-start my metabolism to start doing its job.
  2. For the followers of this blog, you will know by now that I like partying and consuming alcohol. That’s not going to stop. I don’t belong to the quit-everything-to-gain-enlightenment club.
  3. Travel is a big part of my life. When you travel you have no control over what food gets served. I prefer to spend my money on the local establishments as my small way of contributing to tourism. It’s the fastest way to find local cuisine too. Be it some llama cheese and llama meat fried on llama cooking oil (true story). Or fried frog. Things could be worst really – have you found yourself in a situation where you are fishing into a pot of venison and out comes a hand, no sorry, I meant a monkey limb? Another true story.  Unless you bring your own food, salad or flax seeds won’t always be available.
  4. Stay within a reasonable amount of healthy and active lifestyle. No counting of calories that I shoved in my mouth, starving myself or living on the gym. I do not get inspired either by the bombardment of provocative yoga poses in my social media (In India by the way regular yogis don’t really say Namaste. Just saying). Or shoving one’s lifestyle in my face like it’s the truest religion. What works for you, works for you. Whatever! Just don’t get judgy on me when I prefer roast meat and red wine over raw seeds. Or when I don’t wanna sign up for a 10k marathon but will commit to do more walking. These days everything is a competition! You live  only once. That’s a fact. And I intend to be happy.

So back to my burning thighs. What’s unique about this massage sessions? The bulk of work would concentrate ondc2313a664952ff500c3fbf2c4dc265a the areas of the body where umm… the fat and cellulite loves to hang out. If you are a woman over the age of 30, you would know what I am talking about. The end result should be a slimmer you. Yeah because you literally are supposed to push the fat out. Well more like melting it. Like the title says, my thighs are on fire right now! I have 9 more days to go before maximum results are achieved.

A session involves stimulating the internal organs and basically declaring war with the unwanted fat and cellulite. All done through a special massage. A body wrap follows where a scrub made with all natural ingredients gets applied to the body and get wrapped in cling film. Ten minutes into the wrap and my body is on fire. I will probably have bruises tomorrow too from the massage.

During the session, I was chatting with the lady and find myself  impressed with her story. She wanted a lifestyle change and started focusing on learning more about her body, studying natural methods that promotes losing weight the natural way and maintaining health and fitness after successfully getting rid of the excess weight. She then expanded her curiosity on therapeutic massages, the balance of breathing, etc. She also started creating her own oils and scrubs from all natural ingredients. All these for her own use initially. Then things changed when a friend needed help in losing weight because of health issues. She shared her own experiences and practices and got the friend to achieve the results she needed. So her passion for her own well being helped another person to achieve the same is pretty impressive in my book.

What’s admirable about her too is that she prefers to focus on quality results so she takes in very few clients at a time. She doesn’t advertise herself.  I came to know about her accidentally when I complimented a friend about her nice hair and a slimmer frame. She then started talking about this lady and how she helped her. So my friend introduced us and after having a chat about my struggles, she said, I think I can help you. Sweet! Did I mention that she creates her own oils and scrubs and that they smell lovely?

So there you go folks! Don’t hold out in handing out compliments. You make another person feel good about his/her self and you never know what might come out of it  (happy coincidences is the central theme of this blog remember?).