My Takeaways from 2017

As we are starting our 2018 I would like to take a step back and highlight the good that came out of 2017.

  1. I had more time to read last year. Reading is something I enjoy but was unable to maximize in the past and now I am starting to amass books again. Yes, I still prefer the paper bound books rather than the digital one. Nothing like the smell of paperbacks and libraries with old books. Hmm…
  2. I am much better in attitude and gratitude. This I am really proud of. And you know what? The more I practice it, I am finding more reasons to be grateful.
  3. I gained more friends. The real kind. As people come and go, it is always a good thing that you find new people and develop deeper, meaningful friendships with them.
  4. I cut back on social media and mass media. So much garbage and negative news out there! I didn’t miss them to be honest.
  5. Financially speaking, I was much better at handling it than ever before. These days I am even finding this to be an interest – increasing wealth.
  6. Good things are happening on the job front. I am also much better at handling the stress that comes with it.
  7. I got to travel more this year. Even the work travels allowed me to mix business and pleasure. Sweet!
  8. Everyone of my love ones were relatively healthy. Not probably in good shape (I need to be in better shape to be honest) but no major illnesses and accidents.
  9. Relationship wise I am happy. It will always be a work in progress but it continues to inspire me to be a better person.
  10. Lastly, happiness is still my main purpose in life. And so far I am still on track.

And here are some of my favorite photos I took from last year:


Thoughts Welcome

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