Life on a Cold Road – USA Part 2

Road tripping in the dead of winter can be a real challenge. It has its own merits too. So for this road trip,  my partner and I headed further West. Our starting point was in Denver, Colorado. Packing up our old but trusty car with all sorts of survival mode things, we headed our way to I-70. Now you see Colorado is a beautiful state. And no, not because of their famous botanical product but because of the beautiful nature they were blessed with. Some of these you can see while being on the I-70. As soon as we crossed to Utah things changed dramatically. There were less trees and boulders started becoming more prominent. Landscapes are vast and mostly empty (I can’t blame people, it’s winter). This is where you crank up the volume and sing/yell whatever was on the radio. Err… actually I take that back. If you are not a country music fan, make sure to bring you favorite tunes with you. Lots of ’em.

The only stop we did was to drop our postcards at this cute post office in the middle of somewhere. That was rad haha! Oh yeah and of course we have to miss one turn that set us back about an hour. Thirteen or so hours later we arrived in warmer Las Vegas.

So being a tropical person that I am I give a little clap every time the thermometer climbs up one level. Oh and to peel off two layers of clothing felt great. Sooo… whatever could you do in Vegas? First, a long hot shower. Then food!


Since this is Vegas we  tried our luck at the tables. Ha! Let’s just say that the house wins most of the time. I did have some fun time though in between drinking and watching my piles of chips go up and then slowly disappear. I also learned how to play Crapps or Crappps however you spell it.

We did play tourist for a bit with the gorgeous weather and all. We had a full moon for the backdrop in Sin City.




Speaking of sin, we went to the old town. The Strip takes most of the limelight these days but the old town was where it was happening before the Strip came to life. Some might say this is the seedier side of the city nowadays. Lo and behold…!


Look, I decided many years ago that there are certain jobs I wouldn’t take even at my most destitute state (you see I was traveling full time when I had this moment of clarity). These would be:

  • Masseuse – I’m a massage addict. When you get a good masseuse, it’s heaven! I travel to Bangkok, Thailand for a weekend just doing nothing but massage! HOWEVER, I don’t want to be that person giving service. It’s a tough job!
  • Body Waxer – Sorry no. I don’t wanna be removing hair in every nook and cranny of people’s bits.
  • Emptying sewage – self explanatory

Now I think I may have to add one to my list. That is being a half naked human piece of entertainment, standing outside on a cold winter midnight. Damn Dude! Or does that head dress give some warmth? Anybody know…?

After a few days of our pockets getting lighter and lighter, we decided to cut our losses and head to Arizona for some family time and fun. But first we stopped by the Hoover Dam. Truly it is an engineering marvel. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset over what I assume is part of the Red Rock Canyons.

In the next two weeks, we would camp ourselves in Elloy for some serious sky diving. Now that is one hell of a party!

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