I was recently invited by a friend to hang out on his boat. Who am I to refuse? So off I went and after navigating out of the  dirty city (my friends pronounced it as shitty) I was on an outrigger boat to the province of Mindoro where the aforementioned boat is anchored. It didn’t take long before I was humming the Lonely Islands famous tune…


I get on board and there were several people who instantly became new friends. It was the first day of the yacht sailing race and they just came back from the race. Everyone was already on party mode so what do they say, when in Rome…

After waking up to a nice view of the Muelle Bay, there was an air of excitement among sailors and fans of sailing. It’s Day 1 of regatta!


Good winds good weather, we had a pretty good start. As we were halfway through however, the wind died down. The wait was rather long so this allowed for some time for the crew to jump into the water and cool off. More beers were popped, the music came on and we started partying (it is a party boat after all).

junior member of the crew entertaining himself during the lull

Alas after a long wait, the wind finally took pity on us and we slowly trudged through the finish line. Considering the delays, we came in third in our category which we were happy to take. As we were entering the finish line we blasted Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time” and danced complete with choreography and all to everyone’s delight. All the other boats stopped to watch. There were cheers all over. Good times!

Needless to say that was the start of a roaring party culminated by an after party and ended in the wee hours of the morning. As usual there will be no incriminating photos. I did end up passing out on the top deck from watching the stars.

Oh look it’s morning!

We ended up not racing on the final day as we needed to prepare the boat for incoming guests (the paying ones). You see, we basically took out most of the furniture to make the boat lighter for the race. The task of cleaning it up, putting it all together and making it look good was not easy. Well I have to say it was a nice workout to burn all the calories from the parties. Once the boat was ready, we decided to check out the beach nearby.

Aninuan Beach

We then went back to complete our beer and ice run and we were back on the boat doing what we do best, party. The next day, we said goodbye as the new residents will temporary take over the boat and will sail her to the nicest parts of the Philippines for the next three weeks. The next rendezvous will be on the island of Boracay. A party boat on the party island.. what could happen there?

photo courtesy of

If anyone is interested to charter or join the sailing trips, check out: Freedom Kitesurfing Philippines Catamaran Adventure Safari

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