Birthdays and Shenanigans

I have a birthday coming up. Yep. Usually it is my mother who would remind me of this in a rather, peculiar way.

You see, my mother, who thankfully still has her full faculties working (including the nuttiness but that’s another story altogether) keeps missing the correct date for the past years or so. A few years back, she called me to say, “Hey, it’s your birthday today, what are you up to?” Uhh… Mum, it’s still a week from now. Another year, with pride in her voice declared, “I got it right this time!” No Mother, you are a day late. I find this very hilarious. Surely that day when all that labor pains and pushing out a little human aided by strangers (okay so they are medical professionals) is embedded in your memory forever as long as you live, right? How can you forget an experience like that? What’s three decades and a couple years right?

So any day now, she would be very excited to pick up the phone and re-run this little episode. For this to work, she has to do the calling. This is important to her I think given her booboos these past years. One slight problem… I may not be reachable all the time. I’ve a couple weeks of a heavy work schedule I barely have time to breath. And overseas. And when I am not working I am busy staring at this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this… Not just checking out surfer boys mind. I did put a surfboard to good use.

Sometimes I go stalk the locals while they go about their religious business:

And play tourist and disturbed these little buggers:


I did some cultural stuff too!

And more importantly, I ate. A LOT. And hydrated. Beers, rum and vodka might have been consumed in copious amounts. I also tend to leave my electronic devices when I am doing these things.

Unfortunately for her I have a few more beach staring, island partying, eating and ‘hydrating’ to do in the weeks to come. Maybe I should make the call this time.

Thoughts Welcome

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