Aha! It’s My First Anniversary in the WP World

There is a downside to having too much of a good time sometimes. You tend to enjoy being in the moment and nothing else; not bothering to take photographs or document anything. Then there were times when things were too hazy that lifting a finger would be a chore. Anndd of course, there are those ‘what happens in Vegas’ thing that don’t need a write up.

Later on you remember you have no material for a blog post. Oops.

I’m a visual person so photographs are my main thing.  I do tell the occasional tale when I’m feeling a bit chatty but I’d mostly let photos tell most of the story.

Anyway, I mentioned that because so many things happened in the past weeks and guess what, my camera is sitting there almost empty even if I had it with me all those times. There were last minute trips to chase the remaining waves before the water becomes flat, a music festival, reuniting with my island friends and bringing the crazy in the city, watching friends in their gigs, the list would go on. Oh yeah, there is also spiked activity in the work situation. I feel like I could sleep for a week as a result of all that.

The most recent was going to the Malasimbo Music Festival in Puerto Galera. You might have heard that Joss Stone and Jimmy Cliff performed there along with various  local talents. Yup, they did.

These was all I had to show for it:

waking up to the view of Puerto Galera Bay after an all night party is really swell.
when you couldn’t climb up the hill sleeping in stranger’s yachts is in order
monkey business it is!
i wasn’t kidding about climbing up a steep set of stairs

So there you have it folks!

Oh yeah I got this too:

Happy Anniversary!
Yipey yay!
The WP world is full of so many interesting stories. I’m flattered to be in the company of very talented bloggers (I can only dream of being in the same league as you lot are). To all those who visited and to those who stuck around, THANK YOU.

Thoughts Welcome

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