This was the sight that greeted us as my room mate and I got off the bus. It was 4am and we arrived at the town of San Felipe, Zambales. After being mesmerized for several seconds at that eerie sight of the church we became aware of our surroundings.

“Tricycle ma’am?”

We got on the trike and directed the driver to take us to Liwliwa. We were briefly greeted by a half asleep guy when we got to the hostel. He murmured something unintelligible, handed our linens and then disappeared.

We were up as soon as the sun came up. To our dismay, we discovered that the hostel is full of people; not just people obviously but several groups of the spoiled brats from the city. The kind we would be happy to leave at the city.  As soon as they woke up you hear the escalated voices whose vocabulary consists of ‘Uhmagadd’ and ‘like’ while balancing several electronic and mobile devices in their arms.

We quickly finished our breakfast and  headed to the beach.

a lovely morning
this is actually a resort but hey the sign says it all really

Surfing season in the Philippines is generally between November to March. This being our first time to surf in this area, we had no idea what to expect. We were not disappointed. The waves were decent enough to catch some rides.

And boy was it good to catch some rides again! It’s been a long while since I last surfed. I forgot how this can be addictive.

early birds!

When we finished we were famished. Along with our new found friends (local surfers) we checked out several restaurants. Of course who should we ran into but the noisy brats scattered in their own cliques and all over the place and empty bottles and trash piling wherever they stamped their hooves on. Whatever happened to surfing? Their surfboards were on display on the side of the road and clearly unused. Ha!

Luckily we found a nice restaurant called Phoebe’s that serves delicious food and very yummy fruit shakes. They were so good I had two in one sitting!

uhh i’m right here. care to share that mango shake?

I went for a nap afterwards. Or tried to. When the noise became intolerable I grabbed my room mate and we went back to Phoebe’s for more of that delicious mango shake.

To our delight we ran into friends and we all decided we should spend the night on the beach. Aware that small towns sleep early we stocked up on food and beer and off to the beach we went.  The stars came out on full force. Happiness!

The next day, we fought through our hangovers to catch some waves. It was another glorious day.

We left Liwliwa before it got dark. Of course we have not forgotten that Zambales is the home of sweet mangoes and so we stuffed our bags as much as we can.

Overall, Liwliwa is a beautiful place. I could see myself returning for another quickie surfing weekend. I won’t be staying at the same hostel though. There are better alternatives.

For the mean time mango daiquiri anyone?

Thoughts Welcome

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