It’s 2013 and I Survived The Apocalypse!

Well, I thought I would let everyone know since I’ve been absent in the blogosphere for a while. Surely there was at least one of you who wondered what was I up to? No…? As in no one? Whatever!

2012 ended on a high note. Despite the mad rush at work a few weeks prior to the holiday break, I couldn’t complain really because as soon as I hit the road, everything turned out more than what I expected.

Over the next two and a half weeks all I had was a destination. No plans. No travel companions. Freedommm!!!!!!!!

After catching a plane and a 5-hour land transfer I was lost in paradise.

my favourite island in the world

This beach was my base. It was the same spot where I met new friends who like me, had no plans as well. This is the very same spot we met and hatched up things to do for the day. As the days passed more and more people joined our little group. It became our headquarters for all our shenanigans. Even a tropical storm did not deter us from having our fun. Not a bad place to get stuck in at all.

The group, well, eventually there was a big group, was as dynamic as it goes. It all started by me meeting this wonderful Canadian girl and then stumbling onto another girl (Dutch) and then the three of us started all the fun. So yes, eventually there was a whole  gamut of people, personalities and various cultural backgrounds that we just attracted more and more people. Diversity at its best. This is what I love about traveling the most.

On Christmas Eve for example, five ladies from all over the world (all traveling solo) met up for a lovely dinner by the hilltop.

the climb to the hilltop restaurant was all worth it

Of course there were more to it than just dinners happening during the nights. But we did manage to get over hangovers to get up during the day and just enjoy the beauty that surrounded us. There was a joke going around that if indeed the world ended as the Mayans have predicted, we were so lucky to have ended in paradise.



picnics are always fun
my own bathtub with a view
my own bathtub with a view


play time

Like I said, I can’t complain really. I didn’t have to go far to return to my most favourite spot in the whole wide world. I met new friends that are worth keeping, had a blast and a memorable year ender.

Thoughts Welcome

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