Tis The Season

This weekend I went with my friends to see the Lights and Sounds Show. On its third year now, they do this display of dancing lights and sounds to the tune of Christmas carols at the city park every night from mid-November until end of December.

Christmas is such a big production in the Philippines that as soon as September hits, the malls start blasting Christmas carols. All things Christmasy are on full display which means you can start shopping for Christmas as early as September. By now, everything – the streets, houses, offices are all decked in decors.

can’t complain about dark streets now

So as you have guessed by now, the Lights and Sounds Show is just a part of this big production. While it wasn’t extraordinarily spectacular it was highly entertaining. Plus it was a beautiful night. A perfect excuse to come out and play.

the show started with a dramatic smoke and light display

quite a crowd in there
even the skyscrapers made a nice backdrop

Naturally, we got hungry afterwards. We found an ice cream house and we were in heaven.

time for some ice cream cake. yum!

And in case you were wondering where’s the ‘sound‘ part in all of this, I did manage to capture it on video. As I was going through it however, I realized it also captured most of the conversations I and my friends were having. Clearly too I might add. Ugh. So yeah, it’ll be photos for now.

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