The Memories of Jiuzhaigou Valley

In the recent weeks I’ve run into some people I’ve met while traveling.  The world must be getting that smaller huh? Anyway, it was such a delight to see them again and swap travel tales. Good times!

It prompted me to look through some travel photos that survived stolen cameras, broken memory  cards and other stuff that happens while you are on the road. I stumbled into photos taken from a trip in Northern Sichuan in China and thought I would share it on here. We ended up in Jiuzhaigou Valley in the dead of winter and during the off season for tourists.

I was traveling at the time with my travel buddy and apart from us we rarely saw any other traveler. Apparently dead tourist season means tourist facilities are all shut down (doh!). And since we spoke no Mandarin, just asking around for an open hotel can be quite a challenge. In the time when there were no ‘smart’ phones to help with directions or to consult our friend Google, we had to rely on our talent for charades and drawing skills to get our point across. Those were really hilarious times.

Jiuzhaigou Valley is beautiful even in the dead of winter. We also appreciated the fact that we were the only people roaming around the natural park. The downside of it is that we did not anticipate the absence of open restaurants (doh!). Or that after walking 8 kilometres we would actually need a ride back and again, no shuttles. Overall, it was one of those beautiful places that takes your breath away. And yes, we did laugh a lot (compensated the lack of food, tired muscles and thinning air due to high altitude).

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