My Kind of Research

Right. On to my ‘research’.

After a whole night of partying in Boracay I quickly went back to my room to pack my things. Two hours later me and two of my friends were at the dock waiting for our boat going to Tablas Island. Naturally we elected to go up to the top deck and left the rest of the passengers below. Nothing like the wind against your face and a 3600 view of beautiful scenery. Three hours later, we landed in Looc in Tablas Island all sunburnt and toasted.

top deck view

The next leg of our trip is a three hour jeepney ride to another town where we will catch the boat to Romblon Island. Like any other province in this country, the jeepney is loaded with people. And lots of cargo. Okay, there is more cargo than the human passengers. We would have preferred a seat on the roof but some itchy bamboo-rattan sheets beat us to it.

pack ’em in!

Once we reached San Agustin we were famished. Late lunch it is. A few minutes later and with cold beers in hand, we got into the boat for the final 45 minutes ride to our main destination – Romblon Island.

In the next few days, we explored the town a bit, made new friends and of course spent a lot time on the beautiful beaches.

we feasted on a lot of seafood

And yes I did what I was supposed to do. And then went looking for more beaches. The nights were hazy to recall. Can you blame us though?

It was then time to leave before we know it. Sigh.

our ride out of the island
a nice day for another boat ride
going home

I wouldn’t mind coming back again and again to this beautiful island. For research purposes of course.

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