It’s That Time Again

back to the island

The last one and a half week was a real hectic one. If you consider drinking copious amounts of alcohol, sailing and partying your ass off until the sun comes up hectic.

It was that time of the year again when friends from all over the world come to Boracay Island and meet at this little bar we call home. Let’s call this bar, The Hippy Dippy Bar. Now these friends of mine, who I love dearly, are not the friends you would introduce to your Mama. This is a collection of drunken, dysfunctional, crazy, living on the edge type of people, who in some way or another found a way to enter into each other’s lives. If there is one thing that binds this group (other than the ones I’ve mentioned), it is our loyalty to our friends and being free spirits. Of course, there’s our love of traveling. How else did we stumble into each other in the first place?

Understandably waking up during daytime is a struggle. However, we can’t just let a beautiful day go without sailing, island hopping, picnics and of course lots of swimming in the ocean. Oh and not to missed is the sunset sailing.

getting ready for island hopping
more food!
paraw sailing at sunset with a cold beer in hand

Nights are an adventure in itself. Each day has an offering. Weekends are either barbecue nights accompanied by very talented musicians or a rocking place with the music of the coolest DJ in the island at The Hippy Dippy Bar. That is a night in itself. There is always the option to bar hop afterwards. On week nights, there is acoustic music at Kasbah, Wednesday Blues at Doz Mestizos, etc. For some dancing there is always Epic, Jungle Bar or Summer Place. Or, just start your own party!  Hedonism at its best.

our hippy dippy home

Now on our downtime, meaning when we are not dancing on top of the bars, bar hopping and just  chilling at our ‘home’, you would find us playing jinga, playing with cats or doing our psychobabble sessions over bottles of rum, mojitos or whatever is our poison for the night. Our favourite topics – relationships (of course!), world events (we are worldly aren’t we?) and, oh yeah, ourselves. All the things grown up people talk about apparently. As one friend aptly puts it on one of those nights, we all suck at relationships and yet we think we know best.

In between all that, we also managed to be productive. We had a business meeting of sorts! Now, now, before you go thinking something sinister – this is a legit, profit oriented, environmentally sound business. A few more sessions of rum, margaritas and mojitos (not necessarily in that order) and we are ready to roll. All I can say for now is fellow travelers and fans of the Philippines, watch this space!

the meeting place

Needless to say, the reunion was a success. Plenty of drama ensued. Fun followed. New friendships were formed. Aww the family of misfits is growing. I wonder what we will come up on the next reunion!

3 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again”

  1. gumiii, really great post!
    you captured the spirit of how Filipinos usually spend summer – grilled food, tricycle ride, bars and the beach!


    1. This time we did it in typhoon season 🙂 And with plenty of non-Filipinos too and they are loving it.
      Thanks for always stopping by. Please know that I’m a great fan of your photography.


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