His and Hers

This seems to be a common thing at least in a couple countries in Southeast Asia, in Japan and Korea and possibly China too though I didn’t get a chance to see it there.

I am talking about couples wearing matching tops.  You know, his and hers T-shirts or simply colour coordinating. I find this amusing. And it’s not just the teenage couples that do this by the way. I’ve seen adults do it too and sometimes even the kids are in on it.

While living in Brunei, I took my camera one day to purposely document this. Mind you, Bruneians are not so fond of their photos being taken so I had to do this discreetly. I took all this in one day. You gotta admit, this is amusing.

talk about being loyal
the baby was wearing a hat of the same design
i wonder why the kids didn’t match the parents

green minded
guess what is on hers… no really

ah yes…

Alas, the couple that wear stripes together…

Thoughts Welcome

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